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About the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball

Twenty-Six years of fantasy and dreams
within the Royal court of Sypher

August 16th & 17th, 2024
Doors to the realm open 8PM – 1AM
Preshow begins at 7PM

A lavish annual event where imagination takes precious breath. Welcome to the Realms of Sypher within the
Labyrinth Masquerade Ball.

In 1997, the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball was created by the storyteller Shawn Strider as a celebration of creativity and fantasy. Taking influences from Venetian tradition, Celtic faerie and goblin lore, and stories of fantasy and wonder. The Masquerade continues to be an enchanting experience where dreamers gather.

Somewhere, lost on the edge of dreams – a singular world awakes. Portals from across the universe open into the labyrinthian realms where the Royal court of Sypher has opened its gates to fae creatures and adventurous spirits in a romantic annual event, the Labyrinth Masquerade.

For all adventurers entering these realms, be prepared for mirth and a colorful display of imagination. Within the Masquerade, all patrons are expected to dress in costume to astonish that may astound and astonish friends and strangers alike. Be imaginative, revel in the ambiance and detail as you discover your story within the Royal Court.

The Royal Court of Sypher brings together dreamers, dancers and mortals from across the realms. Lost within the borders of chaos and light, nobles dance amongst the Fae while the Goblins guide magical creatures through their workshops. The deep forest within An’Havia, the haven welcomes Titiana and Oberon as elvish dreamer come upon the shores of Sypher.

Enter a world filled with some of the most amazing fantasy artists, costumers and special effects crews, all coming together to create a diverse host of creatures and mythologies each year.

This Masquerade is one of the few classical events open to ANYONE who has dreamed of a surrealistic fantasy fading into a weekend of dance and revelry. Music and visuals heighten your senses as the night shields the Royal Court and the chambers surrounding it. The artists of Sypher Arts Studio continue to proudly offer this tribute to dreamers and imagination the world falls down…

Dance and dream amongst the nobles of many Courts, from the Summer Dreaming lands of Faerie and their Goblin Ball, to the surrealistic edge of Elemental realms where enchantment awaits.