The Labyrinth Masquerade

Art and Photographer Credits

The Labyrinth Masquerade celebrates the beauty and imagination of dreamers and artists from across the realms. Here’s a small list of artists and photographers whose work you’ll see within the website and releases.

Of course, the main point of a Masquerade is to dress in costume to astonish friends and strangers alike. Be imaginative, revel in the ambiance and detail as the world falls down. . .

Art Credits

Heather Gross
D Leo Black
Joe Pi
Margaret Dost
Virgil Simpelo

Photography Credits

Violet Hearts
Landon Donaho
John Mader
Cee Jay
Clarence Alford
Kate Elliott
Nick Gaulin
John Truong
Vanessa Selik
Brian Erzen
Al Gonzalez III
Scott Feinblatt
Curious Josh

With over 23 years of art and magic within the masquerade, there are so many over the years that have contributed. Feel free to send us a missive if the goblins have misplaced a name or two.

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